Apple explained the bends of the iPad Pro with its new case – ostensibly it is easier to see them because of it

The company does not consider the curvature defect in 0.4 mm, but is ready to consider large bends in the support service.

iPad Pro with Wi-Fi and LTE, leaning against the flat cover MacBook Air

On the night of Saturday January 5, Apple published on its website a page with background information on the new iPad Pro. The material on the example of a model with Wi-Fi and LTE modules tells how the updated case of the tablet is arranged and why it can bend.

Apple said that for the third generation iPad Pro, a new case assembly process is used: plastic inserts, under which antennas are located, are inserted into special grooves in an aluminum case and due to high-temperature processing they are “glued” to pores on the metal surface. According to the company, this process of assembly and testing allows you to comply with even higher standards for the surface plane of the device.

However, these requirements for the plane allow bending of the body (along either side) up to 400 microns, or 0.4 millimeters. At the same time, Apple believes that even slight bends are especially noticeable on the surface of the third-generation iPad Pro because of its more angular case (the past two generations had a smooth transition from cover to edges).

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]New straight edges and the presence of dividers for antennas can make light deviations in the plane more noticeable only from certain viewing angles, although during normal use they are elusive. [/perfectpullquote]

For users who have noticed more serious body bends, Apple allows you to return the product back to the store within 14 days and get money back. The rest of the company recommends contacting customer support – although Apple does not say directly that in individual cases they are ready to change devices with too large bends, this is clearly given a hint, the Verge publication notes .

Back in November , video bloggers, media and buyers in specialized forums paidattention to problems with iPad Pro bends . Video bloggers like JerryRigEverything basically tried to break the iPad Pro in their hands, which they managed to do without difficulty – it really has a very thin body, only 5.9 millimeters thick.

Photo Dutch apple user , Macrumors forum

However, some users have noticed that the iPad Pro, just taken out of the box, slightly bent body – and clearly more than 0.4 millimeter. Apple, for the first time since November, spoke at such length on the issue, but never announced a special program to return such devices (besides the stipulated 14 days). Apparently, the company believes the problem is not too common. The Verge noted that similar problems were encountered mainly in the version with Wi-Fi + LTE.

It feels like the new iPad Pro is really more prone to bending casing than the previous generation. If you hold it without a cover in your hands with some effort, you can see that it bends without much resistance, like any other elastic thing, but it does not retain its shape and comes back. In the past generation, it was somewhat more difficult to notice the bend, since the lid smoothed at the edges was curved by itself, and the most noticeable bends were at the edges.

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