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Police arrested two men in Sri Lanka who attempted to bribe the cardboard figure of a policeman.

They were accused of damaging state property and undermining the image of the police, but were released on bail.

Two 23-year-old men shot a video in which one of them pulls up on a moped to a cardboard figure of a policeman and offers him money, and published it in social networks. Later, the hero of the video, and the operator was detained by the police.

Young people were charged with humiliating the police, creating a negative image of the law enforcement system and damaging state property (although it is noticeable on the video that the man only touched the figure, but did not break it). Their case was heard in court on January 3, after which both were released on bail, writes The Daily Mirror .

The BBC claims that bribery is common in Sri Lanka to police officers to avoid formal fines and lengthy court cases. According to the human rights organization Transparency International, the police is the most corrupt social institution in Sri Lanka, and at the end of December a video about two policemen caught on a bribe not far from the main police station was distributed on local social networks.

The publication also interviewed several local users of social networks to find out their opinion on the video. One of them said that the video is satirical and benefits society as it raises the important problem of police corruption. According to another, this is not a joke, and many people die on the roads, and the police are doing everything possible to save them.

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