Photo: Apple Billboard in Las Vegas before CES Tech Show 

“What happened on your iPhone will remain on your iPhone.”

Photo by Chris Velasco

Before the largest annual CES technology conference in Las Vegas, Apple posted a banner that read “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.” The link on the billboard points to a page on the Apple website about privacy , which states, among other things, that the Face ID data (3D face model) or Touch ID data (fingerprints) never leave the iPhone, but is stored on it only locally.

The slogan obviously refers to the saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, which is also the tourist slogan of Las Vegas as a city of sins. The billboard itself is placed so that the journalists who came to the CES technology exhibition could not exactly miss it – it is located directly opposite the Las Vegas Convention Center building, where it will be held from January 8 to January 11.

Although the message on the billboard is clearly addressed to the technological get-together that arrived at CES, Apple itself never exhibits its products at this exhibition and is not officially present anywhere except its own presentations.

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