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The blogger @evleaks “merged” into the network of photos of unpublished smartphones announced the closure of the project

The author of the @evleaks tehnoblog, Evan Blass, who has become famous for his reliable “leaks” of information on smartphones that have not yet been released, has announced his retirement. The announcement of this August 3 appeared on Twitter Blass.TJournal decided to recall the main “informational bombs” published by @evleaks in the two years of its existence and brought the blog a truly world-wide reputation.

HTC Inspire 4G

Evan Blass published his first “leak” back in 2011. The @evleaks blog did not exist then, and Blass worked as an editor in the Pocketnow edition, where he moved after several years spent in Engadget.

“Drain” was the only photo from the press release of the smartphone HTC Inspire 4G, presented shortly before at a private event for journalists. Nevertheless, this episode cannot be considered a full-fledged “leak”, since the photo, apparently, was at the disposal of many media workers who simply did not publish it.


Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920

The history of @evleaks began in August 2012. Blass (his real name was then unknown) tweeted information about the not yet released Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 phones. Photos of smartphones appeared a week before their official presentation.

The images were evidence that Nokia is preparing to present the first phone in the Lumia segment running Windows Phone, which incorporates PureView technology.



HTC First

In April 2013, @evleaks became the first to succeed in “merging” the image of the future “Facebook Phone” – a smartphone with the Facebook Home shell, which HTC was producing. Photography, however, did not differ either in quality or informative.

Nokia Lumia 925

In May 2013, the day before the official presentation in London, @evleaks “ poured ” the photo of the future Nokia Lumia 925 phone, previously known on the Internet under its codename “Catwalk”, into the Internet.


Moto x

In July of the same year, Evan Blass posted the first shots of the Moto X smartphone in a guest post on The UnLocker blog . The device announcement was expected only after 10 days.

Logitech powershell

In the fall of 2013, the blogger managed to publish images of the Logitech game controller for iPhone before anyone else. A controller called PowerShell went on sale at a price of $ 99 after two months – in December 2013.



Nexus 5

October was really productive for @evleaks. On the 27th, the blogger “ spotted ” a photograph of the future LG Nexus 5 in the network with a white “insert” at the back and the mysterious “11/1” inscription hinting at the expected release date of the gadget.

The flagship smartphone was eventually released on October 31. One of the models was really made in a white case.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

In addition to smartphones, Blass periodically “blew up” the Internet with announcements of “smart watches” and other wearable gadgets. For example, in February 2014, the @evleaks blog published photos of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 watches.


HTC One (M8)

In the same month (one month before the announcement) , photos of the “golden” smartphone HTC One (M8) with three built-in cameras appeared on @evleaks . The phone became the first “golden” model of HTC after Apple launched the release of its iPhone 5S.

Evan Blass himself calls one of his best “leaks” one that has never been translatedinto reality. The HTC Prime smartphone announced by him was finally decided to be removed from development.

In an interview with The Next Web, Blass admits that he does not yet know what he will do in the future. A blogger suffering from multiple sclerosis, said that he was not going to return to the publication of “leaks”, and would try to pursue a career in such a way as to secure a better financial condition.

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