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The 25 richest families in the United States. They own $ 750 billion

While we are dreaming to earn the first million, many family members of this list have already forgotten the day when they officially became millionaires.

Here is the richest family in the United States, whose capital starts at $ 10,000,000,000.

25. Gallo family

Status: $ 10.7 billion. 
Where does the money come from: wine business E & J Gallo Winery

The family business of the brothers Ernest and Julio Gallo began with the construction of the world’s largest wine complex in the city of Modesto (California). One more to take, Joseph, in parallel launched the cheese factory “Joseph Gallow Cheese”.

The descendants of the brothers got two businesses at once: Joseph Farm from the founder of the cheese factory and E & J Gallo Winery from the brothers Ernest and Julio. Wine production brings in $ 3.8 billion annually.

24. The Rockefeller Family

Status: $ 11 billion. 
Where does the money come from: oil extraction and processing

John Davison Rockefeller officially recognized as the first dollar billionaire since the founding of America. At the end of the XIX century, it was the Rockefellers who owned the lion’s share of oil refining in the country.

John D. Rockefeller Jr., son of John Davison, donated about $ 1 billion to charity over the years the family business has been working. Today, the Rockefeller estate is in the hands of 174 family members.

23. The Butt Family

Status: $ 11 billion. 
Where does the money come from: HEB supermarket chain

In 1905, the enterprising Florence Butt, after working in the tea delivery service, founded a grocery store in Texas. The HEB market soon popularized her son Howard, opening stores throughout the state.

About 400 HEB markets are currently operating in Mexico and Texas. This is the merit of Florence’s grandson Charles. Family business brings about $ 25 billion of working capital. Charles’s brothers and sisters and two nephews are involved in the development of HEB.

22. Mellon family

Status: $ 11.5 billion. 
Where does the money come from: Mellon Bank

The success story of this family begins in the 1860s. Thomas Mellon decides to invest the accumulated capital in real estate and coal. Seeing that the business is paying off, he opens his own Mellon Bank.

Heirs got a very impressive state. Today, the Mellon family owns several media and railway companies, as well as the energy Gulf Oil (aka Chevron).

Then Thomas Mellon Matthew until 2018 remained the face and head of the bank. In April last year, he died due to cardiac arrest caused by the ingestion of the ayahuasca hallucinogenic drink.

21. Family Marshals

Status: $ 12 billion. 
Where did the money: oil, investment, Koch Industries

In 1950, American businessman James Marshal decided to exchange the shares of the Great Northern Oil Company belonging to him for 16% of Koch Industries shares. Today it is the second largest privately-owned company in the United States.

Started by James continued his son E. Pierce Marshall. Later, the family will have to spend millions of dollars on upholding the inheritance of J. Howard II, who was married to the American supermodel Anna Nicole Smith.

20. Brown-Foreman family

Status: $ 12.3 billion. 
Where does the money come from: alcohol production, Brown-Forman

Having accumulated $ 5,500, in 1870, George Garvin Brown opens a small pharmacological company. Very quickly, George realizes that selling medicines is less profitable than whiskey.

Today, Brown-Forman owns the following world-famous alcoholic beverages: Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Finlandia vodka and Herradura tequila.

The Brown family owns 51% of the shares of Brown-Forman, which are distributed among its 25 members.

19. Sackler family

Status: $ 13 billion 
Where does the money come from: pharmaceuticals, Purdue Pharma

The case of three brothers, Arthur, Mortimer and Raymond, was remembered by the appearance on the market in 1995 of such prescription pain medication as oxycontin. The drug was recognized as innovative and brought the company Purdue Pharma about $ 35 billion.

Sackler’s activities are permeated with the bribery of doctors and scientists in order to refute dependence on oxycodone. But he, in fact, is chemically very similar to heroin and twice as strong as morphine.

In 1999, about 200,000 Americans died from an overdose of oxycontin.

Nevertheless, the drug and today brings about $ 3 billion dollars a year. The Sackler family is the sole owner of Purdue Pharma, whose capital is distributed among its 20 members.

18. Family Bush

Status: $ 13.4 billion. 
Where does the money come from: beer production, Anheuser-Busch

This family is known for its Anheuser-Busch brewery, which we know today under the brand name Budweiser.

The company was founded in 1895 by Adolphe Bush. Between 1989 and 2008, the heirs sold off about 25% of the assets of Anheuser-Busch. In 2008, the company was fully sold for $ 52 billion.

About 30 family members are now working on the William K Busch Brewing beer label.

17. Goldman family

Status: $ 13.7 billion 
Where does the money: real estate, Solil Managment

In the 50s of the last century, Sol Goldman realized that it was profitable to invest in real estate. The entrepreneur began to buy property in New York.

Today, the Goldman family and the Solil Managment company own about 400 properties in New York, including 17% of World Trade Center assets.

A quarter of the company’s assets belong to Goldman’s daughter, her brothers and sisters.

16. Family Hunt

Status: $ 13.7 billion. 
Where did the money: oil, Hunt Oil

In the first half of the 20th century, Haroldson Hunt founded the oil company Hunt, ensuring a comfortable future for his 14 children.

Today, they and their descendants manage such giants as Hunt Oil, Petro-Hunt and Rodewood Hotels & Resorts. Billions of dollars heirs invest in real estate and buy back shares of major sports teams.

The Hunt family owns the Kansas City Chiefs Professional Football Club and part of the Chicago Bulls basketball assets.

15. DuPont Family

Status: $ 14.3 billion. 
Where does the money come from: chemical industry, Du Pont

The oldest DuPont dynasty began its success in 1802 as a chemical plant for the production of gunpowder. Over the years, the range of products expanded rapidly.

Nowadays, Du Pont produces dynamite, plastic, invented nylon and Teflon. The company’s assets are distributed among 3,500 family members, but at the same time, virtually none of the heirs manage the company.

14. The Ziff Family

Status: $ 14.4 billion. 
Where does the money come from: Publisher, Ziff Daviss

American publishing and internet company Ziff Davis was founded in 1927. The main products of Ziff Daviss are amateur magazines dedicated to electronics, cars, and photographs.

Ziff Davis owned the popular magazine PC Magazine.

The son of co-founder, William Bernard Ziff, sold the business in 1994 for $ 1.4 billion. Three sons of Ziff-Jr. saved their billions through the investment company Ziff Brothers Investments.

13. The Dorrance Family

Status: $ 17.1 billion. 
Where does the money come from? Campbell canned soups production

More than 50% of Campbell’s canned soups are owned by 11 members of the Dorrans family.

Similar food John T. Dorrans invented in the late XIX century. Nowadays, the Dorrans family owns such companies as V8 and Pepperidge Farm. Their annual income is about $ 8 billion.

12. Newhouse Family

Status: $ 18.5 billion. 
Where does the money come from: Publisher, Reddit, Discovery Communications

The Newhouse family owns over 25 American newspapers, the Reddit portal and a share in Discovery Communications. Two years ago, Sam Newhouse’s sons sold Bright House Networks, a cable television operator, for $ 11.4 billion.

11. Lauder family

Status: $ 24.3 billion. 
Where does the money come from: the production of cosmetics, Estee Lauder

In 1947, Saks Fifth Avenue, a well-known chain of luxury American department stores, orders Estee Lauder with the first large order for skin care products. The amount of the transaction was $ 800.

After 70 years, Estee Lauder includes more than 30 brands for the production of cosmetics, including MAC and Clinique. Annual revenue is $ 12 billion.

10. Family Hearst

Status: $ 24.5 billion 
Where does the money come from: media conglomerate, Hearst Corporation

At the end of the XIX century, William Hearst invented how to make money on the “yellow press” and make a profit from the editorial column in local newspapers.

Nowadays, the Hearst Corporation founded by William is owned by 67 members of the Hearst family. The holding owns nearly 300 magazines, television and radio stations, and cable TV operators.

9. Duncan family

Status: $ 26 billion. 
Where does the money come from: gas and oil production, Enterprise Products Partners

The multibillion-dollar business in 1968 cost just $ 10,000 to Dan L. Duncan. Gas and oil production brought to the heirs of Duncan a senior $ 10 billion.

Eight years after the death of the founder of Enterprise Products Partners, its capitalization has doubled. The four children of Duncan own 100% of the company’s shares.

8. Johnson family

Status: $ 28.2 billion. 
Where does the money come from: the production of detergents and household chemicals, SC Johnson

SC Johnson & Son products are currently sold in 110 countries around the world. It all began in 1886, when Samuel Curtis Johnson, after having worked four years for a parquet company, then bought it out.

Johnson later releases Johnson’s Prepared Wax, a wax-based oak floor care product. So began the history of the company for the production of detergents.

7. The Johnson Family (Edward)

Status: $ 28.5 billion. 
Where the money: financial services, Fidelity

Already the third generation of Edward C. Johnson is run by the second largest holding company, Fidelity, which provides financial asset management services.

Fidelity clients are investors from 100 countries. The Johnson family owns 49% of the company’s shares, divided between its four members.

6. Pritzker family

Status: $ 33.5 billion. 
Where does the money come from: Hyatt hotel chain

In the first half of the 20th century, Abram Pritsker and the three sons founded the hotel business Hyatt Hotel. Today, the company’s assets are distributed among 13 family members, 11 of whom are current billionaires.

5. Coke family

Status: $ 33.6 billion. 
Where did the money: communications and automotive services, Cox Enterprises

Cox Enterprises is engaged in the development of cable and broadband communications, the development of the newspaper business, the automotive industry and radio stations. Each year, the Cox family’s income is about $ 20 billion, which is shared by the five grandchildren of the founder, James Cox.

4. Family Cargill-Macmillan

Status: $ 42.3 billion. 
Where does the money come from: food industry, Cargill

In 1865, William Cargill opens a small business offering granaries for farmers. Later, the Cargill Corporation appears.

In the Cargill-Macmillan family of 14 billionaires, the Cargill company annually brings in about $ 108 billion in revenue. 80% of the profit remains within the corporation. 88% of the company’s assets are distributed among 23 family members.

3. Family Mars

Status: $ 89.7 billion. 
Where did the money: food, Mars Inc.

Candy Empire Mars Inc. got Jacqueline and John Mars after the death of his father in 1999. The current chairman of Mars Inc. – son Jacqueline Mars Steven Badger.

The annual income of the company that invented Mars Bars, Milky Way and M & Ms is $ 35 billion.

2. Koch Family

Status: $ 98.7 billion. 
Where did the money: oil, chemical production, plastics, Koch Industries

Oil refinery Koch Industries brings the brothers Charles and David Koch more than $ 100 billion annually. The Kokhov Charitable Foundation often takes part in the secret financing of Hollywood films. One of them – the painting “Miracle Woman.”

1. Walton Family

Status: $ 151.5 billion. 
Where does the money come from: Walmart chain stores

In 1962, Rogers Walton founded the Wal-Mart Discount City distribution network after the refusal of Ben Franklin owners to open stores in large shopping centers at close to wholesale prices.

Today, Walmart sales are about $ 500 billion a year. This is the largest retailer in terms of income. Walton’s fortune is shared by seven family members. Alice Walton, the daughter of the founder, is officially recognized as the richest woman in the world. Its wealth is $ 43.7 billion. BI ]

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