Project CARS developers make a very powerful game console.

The head of Slightly Mad Studios Ian Bell announced the development of a full-fledged console by the company. The publication of Variety learned the details of the announcement.

According to Bell, the prefix will appear within three years – apparently, it will arrive in time for the next generation of the PlayStation and the Xbox. It is known that the console will support most VR helmets. For hardware, the console can be compared with a very high-end computer around 2020. 4K mapping at 60 frames per second and virtual reality helmets at 120 fps (60 fps for each eye) are claimed.

The final characteristics have not yet been determined – the company is in talks with suppliers, so the hardware is still under discussion. Now the console is known under the working title Mad Box Bell has already called it “the most powerful console ever created.”

In addition, the developers promise not to lure to their side companies that would be engaged in exclusives for Mad Box.

Where does a small studio have money for a Playstation and Xbox level console? Bell said the company has good investors. The cost of the device, according to the head of Slightly Mad Studios, will be comparable with other consoles of the next generation.

Slightly Mad Studios – Need for Speed: Shift, Shift 2: Unleashed racing game developer, Project CARS 2 series and other racers.

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