How to enable night mode on any Safari website on iPhone

It is very convenient while working with a smartphone in the dark. And the black color of the screen consumes less battery power on the iPhone with OLED screens (iPhone X and newer).

Now we will tell you how to enable night mode on any site in Safari for comfortable reading in the dark.


How to set up night mode


1. Install the Commands application from the App Store .

2. Download the command for color inversion in Safari.

3. Launch Safari, in the Share menu, find the item More and activate the Quick commandsswitch .

Now, to activate the night mode on any site, you need to click Share – Quick Commands – Dark Mode V2 .

This feature works on different sites in different ways. In most cases, the site is well “repainted” in black in the presence of white tones in its design. Pictures and video previews will not be inverted.

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