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A girl from Mexico launched a balloon with a letter to Santa Claus. He was found by an American and fulfilled desires.

The man and his wife personally came to hand over the presents and introduced themselves as “Santa’s assistants.”

An eight-year-old Mexican girl named Dayami launched a letter to Santa Claus with a list of balloon gifts. He flew over the border and was discovered by a 60-year-old Arizona resident Randy Heiss. This was reported by Reuters.

Heiss lives 32 kilometers from the border. December 16, he was walking the dog and found a deflated balloon with a red ribbon. A note signed with the name Dayami was attached to it, and inside it was a list of 10 wishes in Spanish.

In the top of the list were “Enchanters” – dolls, personifying their pets, as well as a house for them. The girl also asked for art supplies.

Enchantilys Dolls Photo by

Heiss suggested that the ball flew from Mexico from the city of Nogales. He contacted the local radio station, which distributed information about the discovery, and helped the man get in touch with the girl’s family.

The American and his wife bought all the gifts from her list except for the house for Dayami and her four-year-old sister – it turned out to be sold out. They arrived in Nogales by car and met the girl at the radio station, posing as “Santa’s assistants.”

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Along the border there is a wall six meters high, over which a wire spiral is installed. But nothing can stop the faith of a child at Christmas.[/perfectpullquote]
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