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Google Chrome will receive support for dark mode Windows 10

In one of the following browser versions.

Since 2016, Windows 10 allows you to set the “dark” mode for the entire system and supported applications. A page requesting support for this mode in Google Chrome has existed since May 2018, however, only recently one of the Google developers confirmed the development of this feature. A similar request hasexisted since June 2018 and for macOS after the “dark” mode appears in this operating system.

Screenshot of the bug in the upcoming “dark” browser mode for macOS Chromium Bugs

Also, users were surprised that the support of the “dark” mode for Windows assigned a lower rating than for macOS, despite the wider prevalence of the first system.

At the moment, there are two options to get a dark theme in Google Chrome: use “incognito mode” (dark by default) or install a third-party theme from the Chrome online store .


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