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US national parks are filled with feces and debris due to the fact that the government has suspended work

They have no one to remove, because employees receive a salary from the budget, which they can not accept.

Photo Associated Press

US national parks were filled with trash and human waste because of the government’s “shatdaun”. The staff was sent on unpaid leave, so there is no one to follow the cleanliness and order. This was reported by the Washington Post with reference to the Associated Press.

Yosemite valley resident Dakota Snyder told AP that the park is overloaded. According to the girl, now there is more garbage and human waste than “she had ever seen in four years of life in the Valley.” Snyder explained that the public toilets in the park are overcrowded, garbage is everywhere, and visitors are breaking all sorts of rules.

According to the Washington Post, the same thing happens in other national parks. For example, in Joshua Three Park, unknown people hang Christmas lights on centenary trees.

In some cases, the remaining staff closes the most polluted areas for visitors, but then visitors simply start to litter elsewhere. The authorities have already closed some areas in the parks of Sierra Nevada and Sequoia due to garbage.

Due to the lack of employees of parks, enterprises working in parks began to clean up the garbage. Coyote Corner store manager in Joshua-Three Ethan Feltges (Ethan Feltges) said that he and the owners of other stores began to remove garbage from the park on their own. For the convenience of visitors, the man even installed a portable toilet in his shop and began to talk about the park instead of rangers.

They also took over the cleaning in Yellowstone National Park. There, companies that arrange tours of the park, at the same time organize the collection of garbage and waste instead of the government.

The reason for the situation was another ” Shatdaun ” the US government. Due to budget disputes, Congress has not been able to approve the expenses of the country for the second week already and civil servants are sent on unpaid leave, and the government partially stops working. In 2018-2019, costs for the wall with Mexico became the cause of the “shutter”.

Unlike previous work interruptions, this time the government left the parks open to the public, but at the same time reduced the rangers and other employees. According to experts, this provoked a violation of the rules and an increase in the amount of garbage and waste.

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