Steam has discontinued support for Windows XP and Windows Vista

If, since January 1, you cannot start the Steam game store client, then the problem may be in your outdated operating system. From January 1, 2019, Valve discontinued support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. More Steam client on these OS does not start.

The fact is that the latest features in Steam rely on the built-in version of Google Chrome, which does not work on older versions of Windows. In addition, future versions of Steam will require features and security updates that are only available in Windows 7 and above.

Valve explained all this in a special post on the store’s website. The company advised its users to finally upgrade to newer versions of the Microsoft operating system.

At the moment, the most popular operating system among Steam users is Windows 10 – it is installed on almost 64% of user computers. Windows 7 ranks second with 28%. Windows XP, according to the latest data, was used by 0.11% of gamers. Windows Vista – 0% (or close to this negligible number of users).

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