Arizona Aborigines attack Waymo unmanned vehicles

The cars of Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet, have come under a series of attacks by locals in Arizona. Already counted more than 20 cases where Waymo cars were subjected to aggression of varying degrees of intensity. It is noted that the test cars became the goal of the vandals, not only traveling independently, but also with the person inside.

Eric O’Polka, for example, tried several times to push autonomous vehicles off the road using his Jeep Wrangler. For this, he received a warning from the police. “There are a lot of places to test, ” said the 37-year-old American New York Times. Show aggression to auto Waymo O’Polk began after one of them almost hit his 10-year-old son, reports Quartz .

Local residents also pounce on cars with plastic pipes, and sometimes threaten with weapons. For this behavior, a 69-year-old man was arrested, who turned the “trunk” on a person inside a Waymo car.

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