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The publication Der Spiegel suspended from the work of two editors during the investigation of fictional materials

It is assumed that they knew about the untruth of materials.

The German edition of Der Spiegel reported that the two editors were removed after a scandal with invented materials. Reports about it the RTE edition with reference to the internal letter of the edition.

According to the letter, the contracts of editors-chief Ulrich Fichter and Matthias Geyer are suspended until the internal commission completes the investigation.

According to The New Yotk Post, Fichter and Geyer “could have realized” that the stories written by Klaas Relotius were untrue.

On December 19, the editors of the German Der Spiegel told about Relotius’s dismissal for composing fakes. Relotius collaborated with the publication of seven years, he admitted that he was inventing details like quotes and characters and whole stories. The independent jury, which awarded the German, gathered again and voted unanimously for the deprivation of his prizes.

On December 24, the publication reported that Relotius collected money from his readers, ostensibly to help orphans in Turkey. In this case, the funds should have been transferred to his personal account. How much money was collected and what happened to them is also unknown.

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