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The best memes and viral videos of 2018

Every month during 2018, we talked about the main memes and viral videos distributed in social networks. And on January 1, to the still cold, but already last year’s Olivier, we offer the most important and interesting viral videos, musical memes, koubas and memetic pictures for the year.

Musical memes

Let’s start with the good – with the music. The real melodic orchestra of 2018 was the meme Bongo Cat. This is a minimalist drawn and also animated cat that first played the bongo and then moved to other instruments. Just see how masterfully he copes with vocal parts in the cowboy memetic song of 2017.

At the end of January, the Bitconnect financial pyramid closed, which appeared to be an open source cryptocurrency and a super profitable investment. She was remembered by most eccentric top-manager and his ideas at all kinds of meetings for most adequate people (and not investors). Of them managed to compile a rather nice clip. It is better to observe financial pyramids from this angle, and not from the inside.

In October, the Russian group Little Big pleased with another hit Skibidi. This time not only musical, but also dancing. Unusual movements and just moving around the city appealed not only to the Runet audience, but also had success in the West.

Whereas the phrase “I am a crocodile, a crocodile and I will crocodile” remained rather a local meme of an average spill. Although able to stick for a couple of days in my head.

It would be worthwhile to add “The mood color Blue” to this list, but it contains too many advertisements that are not allowed in the media. So we will manage only one mention. Instead, we’ll show a PewDiePie clip that managed to make YouTube Rewind better than YouTube did. Official Rewind was brutally humiliated with dizlays and became the most hated video on the service.

Canadian rapper Drake with the composition In My Feeling made the most “flash mob” (#kikichallenge) melody that could be heard in viral videos, where people jumped out of the car on the move and with varying degrees of success tried to dance.

Ugandan Knuckles

If you still remember, then we started 2017 with Zhdun. The Ugandan Knacks became the symbol of 2018. This computer animal has gained popularity due to the success of the game / program VR Chat. Prior to that, he was known in narrow gaming circles as a red echidna, Sonic’s hedgehog ally. And in January, the model Naklza began to appear in virtual reality in large quantities and demand to show them the way. At the same time, they powerfully distorted English with a pronounced African accent and searched for their queen.

How do you like that, Elon Musk?

Elon Musk in 2018 annealed worse than any comedian. Why are only launching a Falcon Heavy on a super-heavy rocket in the direction of Mars of a Tesla Roadster personal car or a shoal smoked live?

Mask himself and his projects became a real meme, even the phrase “How do you like it, Ilon Mask?” Arose, and the entrepreneur himself learned to “fuck on Ilon-Maskow” from the Kulibin inventions from Runet.

A meme about my mom’s friend’s son broke into the Internet in 2018 to humiliate and dominate. The network noticed that many mothers have a story about their girlfriend’s son, who is much, if not all, better than you. By the age of 25, he had already rebuilt the business, and acquired an apartment in the city center, and launched an extra-heavy rocket. Naturally, the Internet could not fail to build such a heroic man into an absolute.

Probably one of the most valuable publics of 2018 in VKontakte is to name the community “I see rhymes”. Its participants share their author verses, the last line of which is a phrase from a billboard, signs, labels and other printed materials. At first, the authors of the community worked on the content themselves, but when the number of subscribers began to grow, the need for inventing something disappeared – the public was flooded with highly artistic and funny poems of readers.

Hello, Galochka? Omae wa mou shindeiru!

What would Soviet films look like if the Japanese decided to make anime-style remakes based on them? This was clearly demonstrated by the Russian artist Dmitry Grozov, who redrawn familiar frames as if they were created by Japanese animators. But Grozov concentrates not only on the Soviet classics, but also on other pictures of pop culture.

In the midst of Discovery, the American Chopper show was on, where Dad and son pumped long-rider motorcycles. In 2008, they strongly quarreled among themselves, the conflict fell on the camera. In 2018, this record became the basis for a comic book series, where both presenters argue on completely different topics: from Star Wars and the best doshirak to the evaluation of Dadaists’ paintings.

In the spring came the film “Avengers: War of Infinity”, which for some heroes ended, to put it mildly, not very well. However, the finale was able to generate a little memo pictures, where various characters become ill.

In May, a frame from the anime began to spread in the network, in which the character points to a butterfly and asks if it is a pigeon. The scene is taken from the anime “Firebird” about androids. And the main character really confused the butterfly with a dove.

In the summer, pet owners tested them for ingenuity, showing a focus on disappearances. Standing in the doorway, they hid and showed up to their pets because of blankets and bed covers, and at one moment they ran away. For some animals, such magic was truly shocking.

For myself and Sasha

Blogger Yevgeny BadComedian Bazhenov published a review of the Russian film “Moving Up”. Among other things, the motivation of the characters in the picture was criticized in the review. According to the blogger, the Soviet basketball team turns into a team on the screen only thanks to the phrase “For myself and Sasha”. She shouts out the head coach after the illness of one of the heroes of the tape. The phrase “For myself and Sasha”, as a result, went to the people, who began to try it on other famous films, as well as on life situations

RTX On / Off

In August, NVIDIA introduced a new video card with support for ray tracing technology in real time. Naturally, the magnificence of the video cards presented provoked a wave of ironic memes, making fun of a new and often meaningless technology.

Fantasy giants against

In mid-November, users of social networks began to actively share fantasy art. No, this is not a sharply awakened interest in fantasy, but just another batch of memes. The pictures taken to sign themselves in the role of some minor character, and everyday turmoil – in the role of giants.

Mouse sneaks by the rules

Frankly, this meme, I still do not understand. I hope this is not a sign of senile dementia. But a mouse that sneaks in despite the spelling rules, without a soft sign in a noun and with “o” and “ü” in a verb, turned out to be an extremely popular meme of the past year. Behind her began to sneak and move other objects.

Virus clips of 2018

How to wake a rabbit with a pneumatic beep? The author of the channel OneMorePlease demonstrated this in August 2017, but his video was shot only last spring. And all thanks to the fact that the author is the real father of the trolls!

Arctic fox has crept up to capels unnoticed. And he tried to steal it right in front of the owner. “Here you are arrogant! How is it possible, damn it! ” – the fisherman was indignant with mock anger. But the fox could still melt the heart of a man and was rewarded for his tricks with fresh fish.

In April, Russia decided to block the Telegram messenger. The blocking was more like fighting windmills: Roskomnadzor blocked IP addresses in batches, which caused many third-party resources, but the application is still used. All this lock was perfectly illustrated by the movie “Battle of the Century”.

In the spring of 2018, a Japanese circus artist was found on YouTube, performing in a rather piquant dance genre: Akira 100% works with her magic steel balls completely naked. But at the same time manages to avoid obscene.

When you work with numbers all day long, you can easily pereklinit: work turns into a routine, and you into an automaton that can fail. And one such rather amusing failure was published on YouTube – the buyer and the cashier could not agree on payment for the goods being purchased.

On the whole runet in the summer, he was bombed by a trolleybus driver from Transnistria. True, it was five years ago, but the video found a second life in 2018. In general, the trolleybus driver at the nightclub complained about Oksana Valentinovna, who could not make normal schedules. Because of this, the peasant had to drive his trolleybus.

The doggie dancing during a haircut in the summer for a short while became a star of the Internet. Of course, he danced not himself, but under the strict guidance of the fingers of the barber. Nevertheless, it looked very organic, and this attracted viewers to YouTube.

But the cat Wilfred from London is not so handsome. Although it is frightening appearance, as well as the owner of Wilfred made him the star of Instagram.

At the end of the year, a city Christmas tree was installed in the Russian Biysk. 13-meter beauty did not please everyone. When the reporter decided to find out about the tree from passers-by, he ran into Vyacheslav Stepanovich, who was upset about business. A man receives a pension of 10,000 Russian rubles, of which 5,000 pays for a “communal”. And for the rest, they eat their genitals without salt … Well, you most likely saw the original video with obscene language. Look better is not a New Year’s monologue of this grandfather about life in Biysk.

Best Koubas of 2018

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