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Results of 2018: 12 games of the year

Red Dead Redemption 2 from the authors of GTA, restarting God of War, Assassin’s Creed about Ancient Greece and other games that are remembered in the past year.

For many players, the year 2018 is first of all the year when the new game from Rockstar Studio, the developers of GTA, came out. But besides Red Dead Redemption 2 there were other great projects. At the ceremony The Game Awards 2018, for example, God of War was recognized as the game of the year.

God of war

Platform: PS4

Let’s just say: I’m not a fan of the God of War series. I got the third part of the Remaster with the PlayStation 4, I got to the first boss and quit – it’s all too old by the end of 2017. Therefore, the game remained in the memory rather on the already legendary video review “TITAAAN! MORE TITAAAN “from” Gambling. ” And then show the new God of War, where, as if everything will be different.

Spoiler: it didn’t work out in a completely different way, and it wasn’t necessary. It is still a game where you basically have to fight. But here it is implemented cool, despite the fact that most of you walk with one weapon – an ax. I usually get bored with the battles with mobs, but here you can throw this ax, return it at the touch of a button, freeze it, and just stick it in someone’s head. Only the battles with mini-bosses (not Valkyries, I’ll go through them sometime in the next life) are boring.

And God of War is a great story about the problems of fathers and children in the conditions of the Scandinavian myths. It so happened that before the game about Kratos, I first went through Last of Us, where I experienced similar emotions. Some things were predicted, some might seem trivial, but the production decides. And also dialogues, because of which you are like a fool sitting in a boat and are not landing anywhere, because at this time the severed head tells you stories about gods.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Platform: PS4, Xbox One

Rockstar titles are always high requirements, and even the fact that the company did not let down the expectations of its fans, in my opinion, is already a great merit. But, I feel, here the expectations were even exceeded in many ways.

This is a truly long singplayer that takes you deep into the history and entourage of the late 19th century: it not only puts the player in the scenery and gives you the opportunity to perform familiar actions (rob / kill / catch up / take), but through game mechanics reveals the problems of society of that period . Due to this, RDR2 is a rare example of a successful combination of a truly interactive film and an exciting arcade game where you become attached to each hero and you can safely spend several hours in a row, just jumping on snow-capped peaks and scorching wastelands.

Only such larger studios like Rockstar have the opportunity to detail every bush and stone in the game, and unforeseen adventures are so skillfully scattered around the map that it’s really boring to explore. And, surprisingly, the multiplayer online mode gives a new feeling – you are not the main character, but one of the crowd who nevertheless must make the same choice: follow the path of the criminal or serve the law.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

When I strongly advise others to play Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, I often meet with incomprehension. For many, the assassins brand has long been associated with the “soulless conveyor”. Every second replies that he had already played enough in the games of the series ten years ago and does not believe that the new part will be able to interest him at least with something.

The thing is that Odyssey very little resembles its predecessors. The new part of the Ubisoft franchise has turned into a practically full-fledged RPG. There are original quests with moral choices, clearly inspired by the Witcher, the ability to recruit satellites and make romantic relationships, as well as a complex system of interrelations between the main plot and “optional” adventures.

In Odyssey, it is very easy to get away from the plot for a few hours and do some interesting side quest, in order to find out that this quest was directly related to one of the important characters for the main story. This is perhaps the main advantage of the game: any activity of the player is intertwined into a complex structure from interrelations. Thanks to this feature, it is difficult to say what exactly you are doing: you are doing a story mission, a side mission, just exploring the area or stalking the enemy. You just do what you want, and do not get distracted by the game conventions.

Completely different from the usual part of the series, Odyssey is the best reason to return to the universe of “assassins”, or even get to know her. If you love Ancient Greece, you will definitely not be dissatisfied: you can simply travel from island to island and enjoy the scenery and ancient Greek architecture. The impression of lovers of history can spoil only branded “Assassin” fiction, with powerful artifacts and mysterious ancient races. But without this, apparently, nowhere.


Platform: PC

The game initially attracted me with a setting: the Frostpunk action unfolds in an alternative history, where at the end of the 19th century the Ice Age collapsed on Earth, and people from technology had only steam engines. The player acts as the leader of the survivors, who will rebuild the settlement and wait out the storm, as well as simultaneously solve the problems of civil society.

The latter is one of the most interesting elements of Frostpunk, because, depending on each decision, the discontent of residents may increase. In the end, this will lead to the overthrow of the leader and the loss. The game creates a dilemma: you can make morally correct decisions, but this will most likely lead people to death, or you can make tough but effective ones – then everything will be fine.

And although Frostpunk, in fact, is an ordinary town-planning simulator – thanks to the setting and attention to details, he pulled in more heavily than “Civilization”. It seems that I played a couple of months every weekend on high difficulty in order to pass it (in the end, I lost on the storm). Then he gave up and gave himself relief – more resources, and passed the game for two weekends. I advise you not to repeat my mistakes and not to reduce the complexity: hard here is a real challenge for the average player. I also recommend starting the game only with a lot of free time: the last time I could not tear myself away from Frostpunk for six hours, although I thought it was two hours. And, it seems, I already know what I will borrow myself on holidays.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

This year, a single player has disappeared from Call of Duty – perhaps for the better, because everything else is now working almost immaculately. In multiplayer, the authors got rid of running on the walls and double jumps, the game is again “mundane” and as always fast. Health is now not restored by itself – only after using a first-aid kit-syringe, so in a fight you have to think what to do: to heal or reload the weapon. It seems to be a bit of tactics here, but it feels very fresh.

But the main thing – now in Call of Duty there is its own “royal battle”, which here is called “Eclipse”. Standard rules: dozens of enemies, narrowing zone, large map, loot. But there are also gadgets with skills (boxes, for the time giving special abilities), and in some areas of the map roam zombies, guarding valuable loot. Although something else is surprising: the developers from Treyarch managed to make from the first time not only an interesting, but also perfectly working “royal battle”. Bugs are corrected in every update, the balance is periodically reviewed if players notice that something is not working properly. Everyone would like that.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – the best that was invented for noisy parties this year. Like everything brilliant, the game is very simple, but you can endlessly hone your skills in it. Of course, there is a huge story campaign here, but this fighting game is revealed primarily in the local multiplayer. More than 70 unique fighters, some of whom many remember in their childhood spent behind the Dandy and Segoy, a lot of different arenas and, of course, room for tactics. Combinations do not need to learn, strikes are made simply, and fun – above the roof.

In one game, Nintendo collected the lion’s share of the entire legacy of Japanese developers and are going to complement it in the DLC. And in what other game you can play off Pakman, Mario, Solid Snake and Sonic with each other?

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Platform: PS4

Every time I hear about a game from a movie, I can’t believe that it can be a worthy product. As a book is always better than a movie, the game usually turns out to be weaker than a movie.

The last time I was positively surprised by the quality of the game on Mad Max. Although the game existed in the same scenery, it did not repeat any plot and existed, as it were, in parallel with cinema. “Spiderman” – from the same genre as Batman: Arkham Knight and Mad Max: it allows you to become familiar with the character, his view of things and live a little in the skin of a superhero.

The plot of “Spiderman” is built perfectly: it is a rather primitive but sweet Hollywood story that sets up the player’s family and social values. But the main thing in it is the gameplay and the visual component: changing costumes, impressive spans of buildings and a combat system that is sophisticated enough to be interesting to study, and not too complicated, so scattering gangsters and other opponents was fun and exciting.

Far cry 5

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

In order to remember what Far Cry 5 was about, it took me pretty hard to strain my memory. Yes, it seems, there were some towers, some guns, collections of the next 20 skins of the Himalayan skunk – but what the plot was about, I remembered with difficulty.

Then I understood why. Of course, it is very possible that I was simply not touched by the story of the reckless little family of Joseph Sid and how black in the process of the game changes color to white. Far Cry 5, despite the opportunity to mow down the hordes of religious fanatics, turned out to be another Ubisoft herbivorous game that does not make any political statements.

But for me, Far Cry is one of my favorite series, and for the fact that it can fly, drive through the mountains, fish, notably hunt and shoot, I love it. The plot here turns out to be a bit secondary: it simply determines the meaning of everything that is happening, and this is enough to enjoy the time spent in virtual Montana.

Monster Hunter: World

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The Monster Hunter series has always been super popular at home in Japan, and wore niche status in the West. And then World came out, this month became themost successful game in the history of Capcom, got to the PC (for the first time in history), where it set a record for the number of simultaneous players on Steam for the games in 2018.

And the secret here is simple: firstly, this is a game about hunting for giant monsters, and secondly – it is extremely complex and constantly surprises with something. You cannot hunt monsters for nothing: you have to study their habits, choose your type of weapon, pick up equipment, stock up potions and food, set traps, call friends. And even after that, 30-40 minutes of hard combat are waiting for you: the monsters just don’t give up, change tactics, run away. And sometimes the creature may come to the sounds of the struggle and eat some of you. In general, you really won’t get bored – this is how the World is beautiful.

True, it is worth being prepared for a pile of grind: in order to forge yourself some new sword, a strong monster will have to be killed more than once or twice. And in terms of management and interface, the game is still not very friendly. But if you miss the game, which challenges and does not chew on everything, you should not miss MHW.

Into the breach

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch

A month ago, I didn’t expect from myself that I would be talking here about Into the Breach. He came to his parents for the weekend and decided to just take something small for a laptop. As a result, stuck for a week, already at home, postponing hits like “Spiderman”.

Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy with pixel graphics and almost no plot, which received very high marks from critics. The point is this: you play for a time traveler who is trying to save the inhabitants of Earth cities from huge insects. A detachment to save the world – three furs with different sets of techniques and weapons. And then a pure tactic begins, which more resembles some kind of puzzle or chess, rather than a step-by-step video game.

Insects are almost always more, they appear and appear, and you just have to go through and lose as few people as possible. Each turn is a fateful decision. Kill this enemy? And maybe here to throw in the water? Or pull the rope to him? Or throw strength to the defense? And then you have to sacrifice yourself? Sometimes you start to imagine that you are in the Pacific Rim. As a result, a couple of mistakes, and you leave this timeline to start all over again – this is not a loss, but part of the game. This time they won, but let everything burn. We will be back.

Detroit: Become Human

Platform: PS4

Before Detroit, I was familiar with the “interactive cinema” genre only briefly: I saw reviews on YouTube, played a couple of times with friends at Until Dawn, heard something about Fahrenheit. From the outside, this format has always seemed strange to me, because such games often tell the story not through the gameplay, but through the cut scenes. I thought that in such a case it would have been easier for the authors to simply make their own film than to try to turn it into a game by adding QTE.

Despite all this, I was very attracted to the idea of ​​plot variability – this is almost like in real life. “Detroit” in this sense did not disappoint: the game really needs to make many key decisions that lead to a huge number of different ramifications of history (they are shown at the end of each chapter). At the same time, it seems to me that in some places the authors have clearly gone overboard. Some decisions do not affect anything, and many lines can lead to one or two results. This breaks the whole idea of ​​variation, because the player does not receive a complete storyline, but many different variants of the intermediate story, which will lead to the same thing.

I myself liked the story. Although there are many contradictions in it and the world described in Detroit could hardly exist in reality, the idea is interesting. The characters turned out to be lively and deep, but not all: I liked the resistance leader Marcus least of all, although the best scene in the game is reincarnation, and Android Connor, who faces the whole game, is most loved by the moral choice. In general, I was pleased with the game, and this is great entertainment, and, given the variability, it can be repeated many times to see everything. But still I want to believe that in the future projects in the genre of interactive cinema will become more thoughtful.

Dead cells

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

In December, Dead Cells was recognized as the best action game of 2018: it bypassed Destiny 2, the last Call of Duty and Far Cry 5. And, it seems to me, it earned it from indie developers, though with reservations. Let me use a meme here and say that this is Dark Souls from the world of small pixel games, where one mistake or confusion is and you are a corpse. And death in the game means that everything has to start over.

In the early access, Dead Cells appeared a year ago. Then I ran, I died and forgot. Returning in 2018, I saw how diverse the game was. A huge selection of weapons opens space for experiments. Moreover, without experiments for the hundredth time to run at the same level will be boring. And who would refuse from all these daggers, whips, grenades, teleports, and God knows that there is more to this game. I played on a PC, but if there is a Switch, then I advise even more: it seems to me, for a portable console, Dead Cells is just perfect.

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