“I tried to rob her”: fellow traveler of the missing client BlaBlaCar confessed to the murder

The suspect was arrested until the end of February 2019.

Suspected of killing BlaBlaCar client

Vitaly Chikiryov, suspected of killing 29-year-old director of two Moscow restaurants of Burger King Irina Akhmatova, during a trip to BlaBlaCar, confessed to killing a girl. The video from the interrogation was published by theInvestigative Committee.

Updated: Moscow Meshchansky Court arrested Chikaryov until February 27, 2019. According to the judge, the suspect faces from 6 to 15 years in prison.

The suspect also repented of his deed. According to the man, he does not know the name of the victim.

Investigator: Do you understand why you are detained?

Suspect: Yes.

S: For what?

P: For killing a girl.

S: Who specifically?

P: Girls.

S: Do you know your last name, middle name?

P: No.

S: Why did you do it?

P: Tried to rob her.

S: Do you admit your guilt?

P: Yes.

S: Repent of your deed?

P: Yes.

the dialogue of the investigator with the suspect

SC video begins with the fact that operatives lead a man into the office for questioning. This is followed by gluing and a fragment of communication with the investigator, during which the suspect admits guilt.

Video of the Investigative Committee

December 23 Akhmatova after work went by car Audi from the center of Moscow to Tula. In the area of ​​one of the metro stations in the south of the capital, she picked up a fellow traveler through the BlaBlaCar service. Then they went in the direction of the Moscow region, after which the woman stoppedcommunicating.

On December 30, the police reported the arrest of a suspect. According tomedia reports, the man had previously been tried for rape and fraud. The investigative committee opened a criminal murder case. The girl’s car was found near a shopping center in Yaroslavl; there were no rooms on it

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