New Samsung Galaxy S10 photo and concept art S10 Lite published

The first photos of the Samsung Galaxy S10 appeared in the fall 

first photos of the Samsung Galaxy S10
first photos of the Samsung Galaxy S10In his conversation with the Chinese media, Don-Jin Koch, head of the Samsung mobile unit, said that the future flagship of the Galaxy S10 will be noticeably different in appearance from its predecessor. In recent years, Samsung changes the design of the flagships every two generations, so the changes should have been expected in this case. The first new photos appeared on the Internet, where you can see an interesting feature.
The front camera Galaxy S10 apparently will be located directly under the screen, and it will not be visible in those modes when it will not be used. No sliding constructions or cuts in the screen will be applied, and the phone will get the thinnest frames.
There is a possibility that the photo is not real, but Samsung has patents on technologies that allow you to make the screen transparent, in the locations of the sensors and the front camera

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. Recently, an Ice Univerce insider posted on his Twitter a new photo of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The photo shows the back of the smartphone, which shows the main camera with three modules and an LED flash. This arrangement of the modules is confirmed by the photograph of the case for S10 +, published by the insider.

Also, a concept art was published, on which the Galaxy S10 Lite is seen in a transparent silicone case on a wireless charging station. The image of the smartphone is shown with a flat, not curved on the sides of the screen, as in older versions. At the bottom of the smartphone you can see the connectors for charging and connecting headphones, and the front camera is embedded in the active area of ​​the display. The fingerprint scanner is supposed to be on the side.

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