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ICQ has stopped supporting third-party clients. Users “bury” the messenger and look for alternatives

The event coincided with the blocking of part of users and requests to bind phone numbers to accounts.

At the end of December, the ICQ administration in the mailing list warned users about disabling the old protocol from December 28. This means that old versions of official applications and unofficial clients will not be supported. Users of third-party clients were advised to upgrade to the new version of the messenger. At the same time, this was not publicly announced – users just received messages from the ICQ Official profile.


C December 28, we cease to support the old version of ICQ and other unofficial clients. To continue communication, you need to update ICQ here: icq.comYou can also use the web version of In the new version of ICQ you can: – edit and delete sent messages – quote and forward messages to another chat – send stickers – record voice messages – search through chat history and view sent media in the gallery – create group chats – call with voice and video

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