Architecture: Belgian hotel with one room

The smallest hotel in Antwerp.

Photo by Bart Gosselin
Photo by Bart Gosselin

The Belgian hotel One Room is located inside a three-story house of the 17th century with a facade only 2.4 meters wide. It was designed by Belgian architectural firm DMVA, which designed a cross between a holiday home for owners and a tiny one-bedroom hotel with a double bed.

The owners are a married couple who accidentally stumbled upon a house for sale while walking in the center of Antwerp. They decided to buy it in order to stay in this building during visits to the city, and at the same time use its location to let tourists spend the night.

Photo by Bart Gosselin

Inside the building is more spacious than you can imagine, and includes 103 meters of living space, united by numerous staircases. The house has a living room and bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom, and there is an open terrace on the roof. The original parts of the building – walls and beams – are painted white, and the new elements, including the front door and the terrace, retain the natural texture and color of the wood.

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