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Three years ago, VKontakte fought Instagram because of competition with Snapster. Now has instagram account

For a long time, the social network did not turn on the profile of competitors, but still gave up.

Screenshot of the first post on VKontakte on Instagram

VKontakte has got a profile on Instagram, despite the history of the fight with the service. But if in 2015-2016, the Russian social network tried to promote its own photo app Snapster, then more than a year ago it closed it.

The first photo of “VKontakte” was published on Instagram on December 21. It depicts the St. Petersburg House Singer, where the headquarters of the company. Profile description is filled in English: “The largest social network in Europe with more than 100 million active users.”

VKontakte, when subscribed to two accounts, is its managing director Andrey Rogozov and the summer festival VK Fest. The second profile is not conducted by the social network itself, but by its partner, Radio Record radio station.

VKontakte declined to explain in detail why she got an account on Instagram, but only stated: “We are exploring the Instagram app for iPad. As noted by , the last time the iPad version of VKontakte was updated in 2015, which regularly gives rise to jokes in social networks.

VKontakte launched its own photo processing application Snapster in July 2015. Even at the start, many users called it a copy of Instagram. Representatives of the social network openly called Instagram a competitor, but insisted that they first of all made the service not as a replacement for the popular Western service.

Two and a half weeks after the launch of Snapster “VKontakte” disconnectedlinks to Instagram. In April 2016, Instagram links were again made active, but, according to the official version, due to the fight against the resale of traffic. In September 2017, the Snapster was closed .

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