Chronology: how Kevin Spacey’s career was destroyed in 10 days

14 charges, closed series and several canceled projects at once.

29th of October

In an interview with BuzzFeed, actor Anthony Rapp (Star Trek: Discovery) saidthat in 1986 Kevin Spacey had pestered him – including lying on his underwear. Then the actor “Star Trek” was only 14 years old, so the interview had the effect of a bomb exploded.

Since then, Rapp no ​​longer gave comments on the situation, explaining that he said everything that was necessary in an interview.

Anthony Rapp
Anthony Rapp

October 30

Kevin Spacey has publicly responded to Rappe’s accusations. In an open letter, he indicated that he did not remember this for years, but apologized for the “unacceptable behavior while intoxicated.”

In the same message, Spacey came up with a comic out, saying that after numerous sexual contacts with men and women, he decided to live “like a homosexual”.

Perhaps the actor thought that this would help distract the audience from the essence of the accusation, but he miscalculated. Cuming out only exacerbated the situation: Spacey was accused of trying to hide behind his sexual orientation. In addition, the network has raised the debate that homosexuals are light on the issue of seducing minors.

Against the background of the scandal, the online cinema Netflix announcedthat the next season of the “House of Cards” will be the last. The decision at that time was not directly related to the accusations of rap. Apparently, the online cinema had long planned to close the series and simply decided that it was a good time to talk about it.

The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences changed its mind about giving Spacey the Emmy Award for the scandal.

October 31

MasterClass has removed a five-hour paid acting course from Kevin Spacey from its website. He included 28 video tutorials. The decision was succinctly explained by “recent circumstances.”

November 2

In a conversation with CNN, members of the crew of the “House of Cards” TV series anonymously told about Spacey’s frivolous behavior on the site. According to them, an actor without a demand was grabbing people (some for years) for different parts of the body, and also behaved “toxic”. Since Spacey was the main star of the series, crew members preferred to treat the situation with humor.

Netflix and the TV series Media Rights Capital have released an official statement about the situation with Spacey. The MRC said they did not know anything about harassment. However, at the time of the investigation of the shooting of the sixth season of “Domik” were frozen. An anonymous hotline was opened for company employees.

The company Tri-Star decided to abandon the promotion of the drama “All World Money” as a candidate for the Oscar. Previously it was assumed that Spacey could get at least a nomination for his party. In addition, the studio took a picture of the festival program of the American Film Institute.

Make-up Spacey in the drama “All the Money of the World”

Kevin Spacey was rejected by his acting agency (CAA) and his public representative Stacy Wolfe.

the 3rd of November

Netflix fired Spacey from the Card House. The sixth season of the series decided to rewrite to remove the hero Frank Underwood from it.

The online cinema also stopped working on the film “Gore”, where Spacey was supposed to play the famous writer and screenwriter Gore Vidal.

November 6

Media has learned that Spacey went to the treatment of sexual addiction in the same clinic as Harvey Weinstein. Month it costs about 36 thousand dollars.

This information was indirectly confirmed by representatives of Spacey, saying that the actor “took a pause in order to assess what happened and get help.”

November 7

Kevin Spacey cut out of the anniversary 50th release of the musical comedy series Carol Burnett Show on CBS.

The actor took part in the filming of the show in October, where he recorded a joint musical number with actresses Carol Burnett, Christine Chenovet and Bernadette Peters.

November 9

In order to save the drama “All World Money” from the prejudice of critics and spectators, Ridley Scott decided to take an unprecedented step – just a month before the premiere to reshoot all the scenes from Spacey with another actor, Christopher Plummer. In this case, the start of the rental film is not planned to be transferred.

Judging by the trailer, Spacey was shot not only in the scenery, but also in kind. How Scott plans to carry out the filming so quickly is not specified.

Charges recorded from October 29 to November 8

After the interview with Rapp , 13 other people told about harassment from Spacey , including actors, bartender, journalist, military costume specialist, artist and assistant during the shooting.

Famous personalities were included as accusers, including director Tony Montana and Harry Dreyfus, son of actor Richard Dreyfus (Jaws, Close Relations of the Third Degree).

6 of the 14 people who spoke out against Spacey spoke to the media anonymously. None of the 14 brought any material evidence. Basically, everyone said that the actor, anyway, without demand, grabbed them by the genitals through clothes.

And only one anonymous author said that Spacey tried to rape him. However, this happened when an unknown artist met with the actor for a year. At that time, the prosecutor was 14 years old, and Spacey – 24. The artist said that he considers the actor a pedophile.

What’s next

Authoritative lawyer Jeff McAllister, in a conversation with the British newspaper Metro, rated the chances for prosecution of Spacey as “low” – at least in the case of Anthony Rapp.

This is influenced by many factors, but the main one is the statute of limitations. Finding reliable witnesses to describe the events of 1986 is almost impossible. In addition, at that time in California, softer legislation was in effect, giving severe punishment only for sex with people under 14 years of age. Plus, in the case of Rap, a mitigating factor is that Spacey, apparently, did not undress completely, and there was no sexual intercourse as such.

Given the recent circumstances, an actor’s career can be considered closed – at least for a long time. In Hollywood, there were examples of “people’s forgiveness.” For example, recently this happened to Mel Gibson, who for many years was persona non grata after his statements about Jews. However, Spacey’s reputation was dealt a much stronger blow.

Earlier, rape and harassment were blamed on other well-known film figures, including Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, but there were noticeably fewer casualties, and after the story of Harvey Weinstein, the attitude to the question changed.

No less sad is the fate of the “House of Cards” – the last important work of Spacey. By the end of the fifth season of the series, his main character came to the conclusion that absolute power is not the position of the President of the United States, but it is possible to manage the world without any formalities.

Apparently, in the last season, the scriptwriters planned to develop this idea and, probably, to kill Underwood, as often happens with antiheroes, in a picture. However, Netflix is ​​clearly not going to make any compromises, in fact leaving the show without its main character. One of the most notable TV shows of our time, from which Netflix began to build its empire of original content, has every chance to end up with nothing.

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