Tom Hanks took part in a strangers wedding photo shoot while jogging in the park


American actor Tom Hanks got on the wedding shots of the newlyweds Elizabeth and Ryan during his run in Central Park in New York. This was told to Reddit by a friend of the photographer Meg Miller who made these shots.

According to Miller, at some point during the photo shoot, she lowered the camera and waited for one of the runners in the park to go out of frame. However, he, on the contrary, came closer and turned out to be a famous actor.

Hanks congratulated the young people, and later he published selfies in social networks with them

In November 2013, another famous actor, the star of the series “Clinic” Zach Braff, accidentally turned out to be the hero of someone else’s wedding photo shoot in the center of New York. The actor himself later called the resulting frame “his best photobomb.”

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