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The Argentine radio host insulted the feminists on the air. He was obliged to invite them into the program and was forbidden to criticize

The guests were entitled to a 10-minute speech, and the presenter cannot interrupt or insult them after.

Presenter Angel Etchekopar Photo Radio 10

The Argentine radio host Angela Etchekopar (Angel Etchecopar) was obliged to invi636?ocid=socialflow_twitter” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>reports . This happened after the prosecutor’s office accused the leader of mis-genesis and gender discrimination.

Etchekopar has no right to interrupt guests within 10 minutes, and also to criticize them after they complete the speech.

In his program on Radio 10 Etchekopar offend feminists, calling them “feminatsi” and “disgusting people,” notes Le Monde. He was accused of “disrespectful, abusive, denigrating and discriminatory” attacks against women.

However, in court, the presenter showed himself to be “a completely different person,” said Prosecutor Federico Vilaz (Diaz). Etchekopar convinced a female judge that he was ready to change attitudes towards women, and achieved the removal of the charges. At the same time, according to the agreement with the state prosecution, feminists will be on the air to Etchekopar. He was also banned from publicly criticizing feminists for a year and was obliged to make small donations to the Catholic Church. If the presenter violates the terms of the contract, the proceedings against him will be resumed.

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