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Musk in conversation praised the RD-180 rocket engine. Russian media have made this one of the main topics of the day.

There are a lot of titles with the epithets “magnificent” and “delightful”.

Engines RD-180 Photo RBC

December 22 Elon Musk, how often does, joined in conversation on Twitter with one of the journalists. After a few tweets, Tesla’s discussion turned to a conversation about the pressure in rocket engines. Here’s how it was

“Still using full closed loop flow?” Do not say that you will go beyond 300 atmospheres (we are talking about pressure in the combustion chamber – approx

Yes, full flow, gas-gas, stage-by-stage combustion. It will take time to get 300 atmospheres. This is a crazy level.

Crazy level. But I must admit that the RD-170 for too long ranked first with 265 atmospheres. We hope for 300 (the journalist confused the RD-170 and RD-180 engines – approx

“It’s humiliating that Boeing / Lockheed has to use the Russian engine on an Atlas rocket, but its design is brilliant”

Despite the fact that Musk only casually mentioned the RD-180, and also wrote about intentions to surpass his performance, the topic became one of the main ones in the Russian media for the day – you can find dozens of news about this in Yandex.News . The publications did not make notes on the original topic of discussion in the twitter thread of the journalist and Musk.

Examples of Russian media headlines about words Musk:

RD-180 – Russian engine for missiles, developed in the 90s. In 1997, Russia agreed with the United States on the supply of 101 engines per billion dollars. In May 2014, deliveries were interrupted for several days due to anti-Russian sanctions. The media wrote that the engines will be used on American missiles until at least 2025

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