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Trump showed the design of the steel wall on the border with Mexico. In social networks found it useless and figured out how to climb it

According to the commentators, an old mattress and stairs are enough.

Donald Trump has published in his twitter design project of a steel fence on the US border with Mexico. The president did this after a partial cessation of government work due to the fact that Congress refused to allocate money to build the wall.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””][Imagine] the design of our steel fence, which is absolutely effective and at the same time beautiful.[/perfectpullquote]
Donald trump
President of the U.S.A

Representatives of the White House could not tell reporters who came up with this image. Twitter users have criticized the design of the steel wall and found inaccuracies in the project.

“Is this a Banksy job?”

“Looks very effective”

“It turns out, the space between the pillars will be in proportion to half of the car door?” Okay guy

“Such a modern design. There has never been such an elegant, rigorous and effective design of fences! Truly amazing and futuristic ”
Also, commentators noted that such a fence is not very useful

“A few giant traffic jams and a folding staircase will take care of your fence. Play with your pencils and more. ”

“Let me add some details to this design (old mattress, wooden staircase)”

“How deep will these effective / beautiful strips be inserted? December 18 in the Mexican city of Nogales found a tunnel for drug trafficking, which is located at a depth of 15 meters ”
In social networks, there are other associations with the design of the wall

“Looks like something.”

“If you like the design [of the fence], then you will like the design of the new chair for the Oval Office”

December 19, Trump wrote that on the border “will build an artistically designed steel structure through which you can easily watch.” According to the president, the wall will help overcome drug trafficking and illegal migration, as well as save billions of dollars a month. Many economists , the media and environmentalistsoppose the head of state, and also remind you that American taxpayers still pay for the project.

Building a wall on the border with Mexico is one of Trump’s main campaign promises. He took his first steps in January 2017, signing two decrees: on emigration and on the protection of the state border

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