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The US government partially stopped work because of the reluctance of Congress to allocate money for the wall of Trump

Government agencies should send 800 thousand employees on vacation.

At midnight on December 22 (8:00 Moscow time) in the United States ended the period of validity of the laws on the financing of the government. The Senate did not vote on the interim budget, so 25% of state institutions suspended their work in the country.

Almost all federal agencies, including the State Department, the Ministry of Justice, NASA, the National Park Service and the Department of Homeland Security will be affected. Offices should send about 800 thousand employees on unpaid leave.

Government funding was temporarily suspended due to the fact that Congress did not decide on the budget for the next year. The main reason for the controversy is the allocation of money for the construction of the wall on the borders of the United States and Mexico. Donald Trump asks to send 5 billion dollars for this purpose, but the Democrats do not agree with this.

On December 22, the House of Representatives will meet in an extraordinary meeting to discuss the budget again. The US president blamed the suspension of government work on Democrats.

“Now the responsibility for the” Shatdaun “lies with the Democrats!”

The current case of cessation of government funding was the third for the United States in 2018. As  described in detail , this happens regularly due to the nature of the separation of powers in the United States

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