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Meme: Domino Effect

As one minor wrong decision can lead to global consequences.

In December, users of social networks began to beat the topic of the principle of domino, when one decision or change causes a chain reaction with an unpredictable ending. Sometimes the consequences turn out to be global, although they began with minor things.

As a template, users took the old YouTube video, published in 2009 by physicist Stephen Morris , a professor at the University of Toronto. He demonstrated that a tiny tablet measuring 0.5 centimeters in size using a domino effect can knock down another tablet, already a meter high. Morris did it with a chain of 13 pieces of dominoes, each of which was one and a half times larger than the previous one.

Two videos explaining the principle (regular and extended versions) for nine years accumulated a total of eight million views.

In December 2018, the video was remembered on Reddit. One of the users on the frame from the video showed how the decision to skip school once (a small part of dominoes) can lead to the status of a homeless person (a large part of dominoes).

The picture attracted commentators, and it appeared in the section r / MemeEconomy, where they determine the potential of future memes. After that, dozens of jokes based on templates appeared on social networks. Using the example of dominoes, users showed how, due to minor decisions, wars started, anti-heroes of films appeared and rap was born.“Killed some guy in the car – World War I”

“[On the example of Karl Marcas] From writing the Communist Manifesto to the invention of the mumble rap”

“The need for details to repair the ship / Darth Vader”

“Subscribe to PewDiePie / becoming Nazi”

“[One Austrian artist] Unsuccessful attempt to get into an art college / Unleashed a world war and killed 6 million Jews”

“Are you looking for memes on Reddit?

“[I] make a bad meme / link to mars”
Some jokes played up situations from video games. For example, as in Red Dead Redemption 2, one random encounter with a person ends in a search in all states or as a developer Todd Howard reached the failed Fallout 76
“Accidentally pushed someone with a horse / wanted dead or alive in all states”

Chess Club / Fallout 76
In Russia, the meme also caught on

A few days later, another version of the meme appeared: this time, the global aftermath was interrupted by something insignificant
“Global warming / phrase“ it’s cold outside ”

“Depression /” Just do not be sad “/ death”

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