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Fisherman with giant crabs 

The brutal sailor from Alaska was nicknamed “the master of crabs” and compared with superheroes, Santa Claus and Putin without a shirt.

Corey Arnold is an American photographer who quit his job in San Francisco in 2002 and went to work as a crabhead in Alaska. For 16 years, he has become not only an experienced fisherman, but also a famous blogger describing thedetails of fishing in the Bering Sea.

The Bering Sea is considered one of the most dangerous fishing spots in the world. In 2018, commercial crabs were recognized as the most dangerous profession in Canada. Arnold describes it as a “continuous storm.” Several times a year, when the season of crabs begins, he sets sail with a team of other fishermen several days long.

In March 2018, Arnold showed in detail the work of the crab fighter in his photoblog. According to him, the pictures turned out to be done in “almost perfect conditions” – usually the fishermen have worse.

In December, Reddit users pay attention to one of Arnold’s fellow named Brian. In the photo, he stands on the deck without a shirt and holds two giant crabs in his hands. In the comments he was nicknamed “the master of crabs” and staged photoshop battle.

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