Tank T-80BVM teach how to shoot shells with depleted uranium

The upgraded T-80BVM tank was able to use ammunition with a core of depleted uranium – for this the weapon stabilizer and loader mechanism for ammunition 3BM59 Svinets-1, 3BM60 Svinets-2 was modified, TASS reports . The use of depleted uranium shells does not violate any international agreements, experts said.

As follows from open sources, the Lead-1 armor-piercing feathered sabot has a tungsten carbide core, and the Lead-2 core has a uranium alloy core. According to various sources, Lead-1 is capable of penetrating 700–740 mm of uniform armor at a distance of 2 km, and Lead-2, 800–830 mm at the same distance.

The US Army also has tank shells with a core of depleted uranium, reminds TASS. In particular, the ammunition of the American Abrams tank may include ammunition M829A1, capable, according to various sources, to penetrate a distance of 2 km from 650 to 700 mm homogeneous armor.

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