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If you give up meat, sex will last longer: PETA tweet ads for veganism 

Users of social networks have many questions.

On December 18, PETA published the video promoting veganism on the official twitter of the animal welfare organization PETA. In the video they compare the sex of two couples: in the first couple, the man is a meat eater, in the second – a vegan. According to the script, the sex of the first guy is much shorter, it disappoints the girl and leaves, and this leads to unexpected consequences. Vegan has been having sex all this time.

PETA tied an ad to the memo “ Sex is, of course, good, but … ”, which periodically pops up throughout 2018

This is an NSFW video: it is better to turn off or reduce the sound in advance if you are at work.

This is not a new video – the organization was going to show it during the 2016 Super Bowl. CBS did not accept advertising, but it scored nearly 60 million views on YouTube. Later, PETA explained the essence of the video: “Consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol in meat increases the risk of heart disease and contributes to high blood pressure. It all hurts your personal life. ”

Almost three years later, they again remembered the advertisement – and the users of social networks who had not seen it before had many questions

“PETA what the hell is that”

“PETA, and what should I do with the riser now? You can’t just post it, I’m at work. ”

“Every time PETA posts something like this, I regret being vegan.”

“PETA is really trying to use sex to turn us into vegans.”

“Looks like everyone in PETA is completely crazy”

“PETA says:“ Be vegans, or you will have crappy sex, and then you will die ””

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