Banksy’s “Christmas” graffiti: a child catches snow flakes 

In one of the dirtiest cities in the UK.

The famous street artist published in his instagram a short video dedicated to the new graffiti. The work is located on the two walls of a building in Welsh Port Talbot.


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. . . . Season’s greetings . . .

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As a soundtrack in the video, a children’s song about snowflakes was used, and in one of the parts of the graffiti there was a child catching the language of snowflakes. However, the second part of the work demonstrates that it is not snow, but ash from burning garbage.

The media suggested that the artist chose this city, because he is known as one of the dirtiest in the country. The steel production located here contributes to this – and Banksy video really ends with a view of the Tata Steel plant.

According to the owner of the garage, which is painted graffiti, he did not know anything about the plans of the artist and learned about the image only when he saw the photos on Facebook. However, the British Rachel Honey-Jones told reporters that her friend the artist was notified of the location of the work and stayed overnight to protect it from vandals. Later, the city council of Port Talbot decided to build a metal fence around the garage to protect works of art.

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