Xiaomi teaser Mi Play smartphone with monobrow and dual camera

Xiaomi company will present Mi Play smartphone on December 24, however, the manufacturer decided to show mobile phone advertising materials in advance. Posters reveal some features of the design of the device: it will receive a visor-drop in the upper part of the display, as well as a dual front camera. According to the current fashion, the frame of the screen will be thin, including at the bottom.

Information on the technical characteristics of Xiaomi Mi Play at the moment, no, posters also indicate the presence of a Snapdragon chip and an advanced sound system. Some sources do not exclude that the smartphone will be focused on players – because of the word Play in the title. But this is only speculation.

The other day in the database of the Chinese regulator TENAA  appeared a record about the device under the code M1901F9T. Then they thought that this is a smartphone Redmi 7, however, judging by the appearance, this is the same Mi Play. As follows from the characteristics, the device uses a 5.84-inch screen, the battery capacity is 2900 mAh, so it is unlikely to be gaming.

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