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In the USA, a guide dog received a diploma of higher education with the owner 

The American received a master’s degree in ergotherapy, her dog – too.

Brittany Hawley and her guide dog Photo by AP

The guide dog Griffin received a diploma in higher education from the American University of Clarkson with his mistress Brittany Hawley. A 25-year-old American uses a wheelchair, and a golden retriever goes to all lectures and practical exercises with her.

Hawley received a master’s degree in ergotherapy (the medical field for the daily care of patients), so Griffin was awarded an honorary diploma in the same discipline. “I went with him to graduation from day one. He did everything the same as me, ”said the girl.

Brittany Hawley and her guide dog Photo from Clarkson University official website

Hawley has chronic pain from birth, so she constantly uses a wheelchair. Griffin opens the door for her, turns on the light, delivers objects, and also helps to endure the disease, due to which the girl often falls into depression. At university, the dog was praised for “extraordinary efforts” and “hard devotion” towards the student.

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