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For eight years, YouTube has ignored a woman’s “family” channel from Vietnam. She served candid content under the guise of a child 

He was blocked only after a community reaction.

On December 17, YouTube blocked the “family” channel Susu Family for violating the rules, including “spam, deception and misleading service users”. He was positioned as a source of educational videos, but was criticized for the sexualization of content.

The Vietnamese resident channel lasted eight years – and all this time YouTube has not restricted access to it. The measures were taken only after the reaction of another videobloger and publication on Reddit. But it’s too early to talk about solving the problem of content that exploits children.

What was published on the channel Susu Family

The Susu Family channel appeared on YouTube on April 7, 2010. In the description, the author called herself Nguyet. “I want to tell you about the lifestyle in Vietnam,” she noted. It was also claimed that educational videos for parents are being made on the channel.

Susu Family was shown how a mother plays, practices, and generally spends time with children. We are talking about commercials about everyday affairs – for example, about how family members clean the house, wash clothes, go on a picnic or wash a car.

Screenshot YouTube channel Susu Family

At first glance, this content did not contain anything unusual, but it gained relatively many views. One video about feeding dogs watched over 2.6 million times. By the time of removal, the channel has gained almost 300 thousand subscribers and about 40 million views.

Which is also unusual for educational content, each video was preceded by a disclaimer: “This video is naturalistic and may be unacceptable for some viewers. Children are allowed to look at the discretion of their parents. ”

At the same time, Nguyet demonstrated frank content while playing with children or other everyday activities. For example, showed underwear or showed breasts during feeding, so that some bloggers found it sexualisation.

Screenshot from one of the videos on the Susu Family YouTube channel

Why YouTube has blocked the channel just now

On December 16, youtube PaymoneyWubby published a review entitled “Creepy Mommy’s Video to Stop,” thus giving her a nickname (Creepy Mom). “You might think, they say, maybe she forgot that she was wearing such a dress? Wait a minute, it looks like this in every video, ”the video blogger noted.

According to PaymoneyWubby, a Vietnamese blogger sometimes published new videos several times a day and made “crazy views” on them. His suspicion was caused not only by the presence of a warning in front of supposedly innocent videos, but also by the headlines, for example, “The Lonely Mother Washes Ranger”.

Review PaymoneyWubby swirled and got on Reddit. Most likely, after such publicity, the number of complaints increased, after which the YouTube moderators noticed the Susu Family channel. In December, this channel began to search ten times more often than before, Google Trends statistics confirm .

Why the problem is not solved yet

  • Despite the fact that YouTube has removed Susu Family videos ,perezalitye versions with slightly changed names began to appear on channels that were not very popular ;
  • The woman from the Susu Family commercials periodically appears in the commercials of several other content-related channels. The Mom of Sam channel connected to Nueng now also uploads deleted videos to the new Mom of Sam Official – several per day. In the video, another woman plays with the children, but appears in poses with sexual overtones and shows underwear;
  • Such channels are considered content farms – and there are still a lot of them. They are close to the format in which children are exploited or subjected to emotional abuse. YouTube regularly removes violent videos with adults disguised as fictional characters, such as Spider-Man and Elsa.
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