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US researchers: Troll Factory uses a fake hotline to combat masturbation 

She was advertised among American recruits, but why – is unclear.

The inscription on a red background: “You can not hold hands with the Lord when you masturbate”

The Internet Research Agency, which is called the Troll Factory Center, launched and promoted a hotline against masturbation on social networks. Advertising was directed to recruits, possibly with the expectation of blackmail. This is reported in the report of American researchers from the companies New Knowledge and Canfield Research, as well as Columbia University for the Committee on Intelligence of the United States.

According to the document, the hotline was advertised as a way to get rid of dependence in masturbation. To do this, Facebook created fake pages of the non-existent religious organization “Army of Jesus” and published pictures of Jesus.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Are you struggling with masturbation? Contact me and we will win this together.[/perfectpullquote]
one of the publications of the “Army of Jesus” in the name of Jesus

Researchers believe that the hotline could be used as a tool to blackmail and manipulate individuals in the future. For the report, the experts studied the archives of publications in social networks associated with the “Russian trolls”. The data included 10.4 million tweets, 1.1 thousand YouTube videos, 116 thousand Instagram posts, and 61.5 thousand Facebook posts.

As noted in the document, after in 2017 in the media there was information that “Troll Factory” uses Facebook – the organization has switched to Instagram. Also one of the main propaganda sites was YouTube, which promoted the video of the movement Black Lives Matter and police brutality.

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