The American spoke about rescuing from the storm thanks to the waterproof iPhone. But they learned about the story thanks to Tim Cook. 

One retweet from the head of Apple.

Tourists-acquaintances of the owner of the iPhone Shot from the plot of The Today Show

A resident of the United States Rachel Neal (Rachel Neal) said in the morning TV show The Today Show on NBC, as rescued from a storm with seven friends in the Pacific. According to the traveler, the key role was played by her waterproof iPhone.

According to Neil, she and her friends rented a boat to visit the Japanese island of Okinawa. On the way back, the group got into a storm, because of which the boat turned over and threw everyone overboard. Each of the tourists in advance put on a life jacket.

When Neal’s friends tried to call for help from their phones (the models are not specified), they failed because of the water that got into the device. According to Neil, her iPhone was not injured, so she successfully called the coast guard. 90 minutes after the call, the group was saved. Neil and her friends shot several videos, including the moment of lifting the injured from the water.

From the version of Neil it is not clear which model she had an iPhone. Apple’s first waterproof device is the iPhone 7, which withstand immersion to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. The story of saving a person with a waterproof iPhone is quite unusual. Usually in the media get similar news about Apple Watch.

The leader of The Today Show at the end of the story emphasized that she had learned about the story of Apple’s Neil and only after the American woman had left a review with gratitude for the “quality product”. Later, the video channel retweeted the head of Apple Tim Cook, who rarely uses Twitter and even less often shares the news.

“An amazing story. We are glad that you are all saved. ”

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