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Central Bank proposed to ban street boards with currency rates 

Just in case: by February 16, the dollar is 56.3 rubles, the euro is 70.6 rubles.

Courses in December 2014 – at the time of the record fall of the ruble. Photo “Kommersant”

The Central Bank of Russia has published a draft whereby banks will not be allowed to post information about foreign exchange rates outside their premises, that is, on street boards. The Central Bank did not explain why such measures should be introduced.

Thus, to find out about current exchange rates, you will need to go to the Central Bank’s website and other specialized Internet resources, or visit the bank’s premises. The document emphasizes that a bank employee should talk about courses at the client’s request and carry out operations only after verbal consent.

The instructions indicate that banks will be able to set different exchange rates for different amounts of purchase or sale. The Central Bank also offered to give companies the right to change exchange rates against the ruble “without issuing individual orders or orders.”

As noted by Vedomosti, the Central Bank did not clarify whether the right to place the scoreboard with the courses in the windows and in the windows remains. The instruction is not yet necessary for implementation, and comments to it are accepted until March 1. The instruction will take effect in the next 10 days, that is, by this time the banks will have to remove the street boards.

Where can banks be prohibited from posting information about exchange rates:

  • On shields;
  • On banners;
  • On the stands;
  • Electronic boards on the external walls of the bank premises;
  • On the roofs.
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