Wargaming first showed the gameplay Pagan Online

Announced in the fall of Pagan Online by Wargaming and Mad Head Games is overgrown with details. At first, it was simply reported that the game would be devoted to pagan mythology, and by genre we are in for a combination of hack’n’slash, action / RPG and elements of MOBA. Now the developers have presented the gameplay of the game.

The team notes that it wants to make “hurricane session gameplay”, which at the same time does not slide down to cutting opponents – get ready to use tactical techniques. Also, there will be a system for the development of heroes, world exploration, plot and other attributes of action / RPG.

The closed tests of Pagan Online have already begun, and the game itself should be released on computers sometime next year. There is no exact date yet, there is no information about the appearance of action on other platforms (consoles or mobile devices).

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