Vine co-founder and HQ Trivia CEO Colin Kroll died. Cause of death could be a drugoverdose 

The police are still waiting for confirmation of the version from forensic scientists.

Colin Kroll Photo Getty

Vine co-founder and HQ Trivia general director Colin Kroll (Colin Kroll) was found dead in his house at the age of 35 According to sources from TechCrunch and TMZ , he died of a drug overdose.

The police told that they consider this version of the main, but still waiting for data from the doctors. The TMZ publication, citing a police source, reported that Kroll had used a lethal dose of heroin and cocaine.

HQ Trivia issued a statement in which it expressed condolences to the relatives and friends of the general director. Kroll began managing the startup in September 2018 and replaced the co-founder of the company, Rus Yusupov, who took over as creative director.

In 2012, together with Yusupov, Kroll launched a short video service for Vine, which bought Twitter. In 2015, they left the company and soon founded HQ Trivia.

The application was an online quiz, answering questions that could win real money. HQ Trivia’s viral popularity has led to the emergence of similar products, for example, Klever from VKontakte and the team of Ivan Urgant or the quiz Mani Karmane from AliExpress.

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