The developers complained about the loss of appraisals on the App Store

A similar situation was noticed in the service “Podcasts” from Apple.

iOS-developers in social networks complained about the random drop in the rating of their applications in the AppStore. Many have lost half of the ratings, and some reviews, along with the answers. Complaints drew attention to the site The Apple Post.

Failure does not concern all developers, and for some, the number of assessments almost immediately returned to normal. The reader of the MacRumors edition, Robin Van Doorn, said that his applications Centraal Beheer and Run Trainer lost about a thousand “stars”.

“Hey, @AppStore, it looks like you have a bug with displaying a rating for all applications (it shows a much lower figure than it was a couple of days ago)”

“A bug in the Apple App Store? Compared to the application page, half of the ratings are visible in search results. ”

“I hope this is a temporary failure, my applications lost 50% of their ratings on the AppStore overnight”
The cause of the failure is unknown. The developers suggested that it could have been caused by a bug with the AppStore rating and rating system or some new store algorithm that “cleans” ratings. The disappearance of the “stars” was also noticed by the authors of the podcasts.

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