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“Justice”, “toxic” and “disposable” – the words of 2018 according to the most authoritative dictionaries of the world 

The popularity of one of them tied to the investigation of the case of Russian interference in the American elections.

The American dictionary Merriam-Webster (Webster’s Dictionary) named justice for the word of the year. It can also be translated as “justice” and “legality.” In 2018, netizens searched for it in the dictionary base 74% more often than in the past.

The authors of the dictionary noted that it was often mentioned in connection with the investigation of the case of Russian interference in the election of the US president.

The ten most popular words also included “nationalism”, “pansexual” (“pansexual”), “Lodestar” (“Polar Star” – the word’s popularity is linked to an anonymous column in The New York Times about working in the Trump administration because of its use in the text, they tried to connect the column, for example, with Vice President Mike Pence, who also repeatedly voiced this word in his speeches), “epiphany” (“epiphany”), “feckless” (“irresponsible”), “Laurel” ( Laurel ), “pissant” (“insignificance”), “respect” (“respect”), “maverick” (“dissenter”) and “excelsior” (“higher and higher” – the motto and greetings from Stan Lee, who died in 2018).

The Oxford Dictionary was previously defined as the word “toxic” (“toxic”), which in 2018 was used both in direct (“toxic chemical”) and in portable (“toxic relationship”) terms.

The compilers of the Collins English Dictionary explanatory dictionary called the word “single-use” of the year. The dictionary noted that this word usually describes plastic products that are discarded after a single use, and since 2013, the frequency of its use has increased fourfold.

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