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The engineer partially recreated the robot Leonardo da Vinci, whom the inventor invented about 500 years ago. 

He repeated the hand, which works at the expense of wooden gears.

Engineer Robert Sabuda, famous for books with mechanisms, created the drawing hand of Drawmaton robot knight Leonardo da Vinci. She can draw anything – you just need to program it with a special toothed disk and twist gears.

Sabuda started the project after the request of the “Society of Robot Leonardo da Vinci” – a group of enthusiasts who recreates the ideas of the inventor. Shortly before, the researchers found out that the da Vinci robot knight could not only get up, sit down, move his arms, neck and beat the drums, but also draw.

The engineer decided to recreate this particular part of the robot and designed the painting hand. The work took him a whole year: Sabuda had to study da Vinci’s sketches and carry out a “reverse engineering” device, which consists almost entirely of wood.

An example of a drawing of a robot Sabuda Photo Drawmaton

Money for the release of Drawmaton was collected on Kickstarter: for $ 99, sponsors were offered an early version of a drawing hand, which draws only two images. In less than a month and a half, the authors closed the target of 15 thousand dollars.

Sabuda considers his project the first incarnation of a computer, since Drawmaton can be programmed with the wooden “Petalos” discs. According to the engineer, it works only in “read” mode and is capable of storing one kilobyte of information.

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