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What did the children want 120 years ago – on the example of a letter to Santa Claus, which happened to be in Britain 

Modest and not only for themselves.

Fragment of the letter. Photo BBC

In the UK, they accidentally discovered a letter written by a five-year-old girl about 120 years ago. There is a date on it – December 2, 1898, the BBC reported.

Marjorie from the English city of Eastbourne turned to Santa Claus for a few New Year presents.

  • Toy ducks and chickens;
  • Christmas stocking for gifts;
  • A piece of tape;
  • A ball for her cat named Kittikins.

Whether Marjorie received these gifts is unknown. A letter of about 120 years lay in the book and was discovered only when it was handed over to charity. The manuscript is now on display at a toy store in Canterbury.

An employee of the store, Lily Birchel, whose father found the letter, told about the intention to find the descendants of the Marjorie family and return them the manuscript. Birchel saw in the girl’s letter the Christmas spirit: “Modest gifts, real sense of magic and faith.”

Finding the descendants of Marjorie is problematic. The letter stated that the girl lived on Enis Road in Eastbourne, but this part of the city was bombed during World War I and later completely rebuilt.

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