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The leader of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” will deal with hackers and launch anonymous Telegram channels 

Market participants doubt his intentions to comply with the laws.

Vladimir Anikeev Photo by Vitaly Belousov, RIA Novosti

Founder of the Shaltai Dumpty hacker group, Vladimir Anikeev, after being released from the SIZO, announced the creation of a cybersecurity company It is possible that for this he uses the brand “Humpty Dumpty”. This Anikeev told in a conversation with RBC.

According to the hacker, he will only co-owner of the company. The names of other partners and the volume of investments Anikeev did not disclose.

The leader of Shaltay Dumpty’s company will deal with burglary protection at several levels, including turnkey solutions. At the same time, the organization will not create its own software, since it is too expensive for it. Anikeev is going to adapt the already existing solutions “taking into account the dark side realities”.

The founder of the group also plans to launch several anonymous Telegram channels, but “will not publish anything illegal in them.” Anikeev explained that he is now in Russia, and “to break the law while being here is not entirely correct.”

Although Anikeev is not the first hacker to take up cybersecurity, market participants polled by RBC are skeptical of such “transitions”. According to the head of the research center “Kaspersky Lab” Yuri Namestnikov, this business “is built on trust and reputation is of critical importance.” He noted that Kaspersky Labs do not take people with a cybercriminal past.

A similar opinion was expressed by the Head of Cybercrime Investigation Department of Group-IB, Sergey Lupanin. According to him, the former hackers “do not exist”, but the “pseudo-defenders” still return to the old craft.

In October 2016, the FSB detained Anikeev, but this became known only in January 2017. The leader of Humpty Dumpty, also known as Anonymous International, made a deal with the investigation, pleaded guilty and testified against the accomplices. In August 2018, Anikeev was released.

The participants of Shaltay Dumpty hacked the correspondence of famous people, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, his press secretary Natalia Timakova and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. The group gained fame in 2013 when it published the text of Putin’s congratulations prior to the start of the broadcast.

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