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In Russia, balloons with helium will protect important military installations.

The Russian Armed Forces will receive new generation AKV-05 tethered balloons. They are equipped with video surveillance systems and thermal imagers, according to Izvestia. The installed camera allows you to see the license plate of the car from a height of 300 m at a distance of more than 2 km. Under normal meteorological conditions, video intelligence is effective within a radius of 10 km.

The first batch will cost the military 120 million Russian rubles (about $ 1.8 million).

In the future, it is planned to install other equipment on the balloons. Including radar, communications, radio intelligence and electronic warfare, as well as targeting systems.

Helium is used as a carrier gas for a tethered balloon, which fills a balloon with a volume of 50 cubic meters. The balloon is able to hold equipment weighing up to 16 kg at a working height of 300 to 1000 m, the duration of the flight is up to 75 hours. Flight of the balloon is possible with winds up to 25 m / s.

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