How to watch YouTube videos on iPad in picture-in-picture mode

Back in 2015, Cupertino presented iOS 9 . The system added a number of cool useful chips to the tablets under its control. One of the interesting options is the “Picture in Picture” mode .

It allows you to unpin the video from the application and view it on top of other programs or the iPad desktop.

Until now, developers of the YouTube application have not added support for this mode to their program. To get out of the situation, one had to resort to inconvenient third-party clients or manipulations with links in the browser.

Now everything has become much easier, to watch videos from YouTube in the overlay mode, it is enough to use one iOS 12 command.

How to set up and use

1. Add a special command on the iPad (the Commands application must be installed ).

2. Open the YouTube app and find the desired video.

3. We are looking for the Share button in the video list or while watching the video at the top of the screen.


4. In the menu, select More , and then – Quick Commands (initially the button can be disabled, turn it on in the More menu ).


5. Select the YouTube PiP team . It will re-open the clip in Safari browser with the ability to view Picture in Picture.

So you can conveniently view the video and do other things on any tablet with iOS 12.

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