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From euphoria to panic and self-irony: the rise and fall of Bitcoin in memes with Reddit 

Cryptocurrency owners lose money and laugh at themselves.

Since December 2017, Bitcoin has lost over 80% of its market value. Those who bought the cryptocurrency before approaching the peak 19,650 dollars in the hope of its further growth, in the end were left with nothing.

One of the last frontiers, when it became clear that the currency would no longer grow, was November 2018. Then the rate fell by 50% in less than a month: from 6 to 3 thousand dollars. Against this decline, miners in China even began to hand over their equipment for scrap.

However, the situation looks sad though, but during the rise and fall of the course, the owners of cryptocurrency published memes on Reddit. It turned out that a step-by-step chronology of events can be compiled from pictures, gifs and videos from the subreddit r / bitcoin.

December 2017 – the euphoria and ridicule of those who did not believe in Bitcoin. The sharp rise in the course to 19 thousand dollars, a record in the history of Bitcoin

From post by wolfwolfz
“Now officially – Bitcoin costs 10 thousand dollars” From the publication of the user LeeWallis
“I: I can not believe that it has grown by 1500%. Professor: I’m sick of hearing about bitcoin! Nothing can grow like that and remain a good investment … Me: Actually, I was talking about the price of college education since 1980. From the post of  user Bengaminikuta 
“What would he like now? 😂. Tweet: “I would like to save my 1,700 bitcoins, bought at $ 0.06 instead of selling them at $ 0.30, as they now cost $ 8!” From the publication of the user sunilross 

January 2018 – the stage of “denial”. The first sharp decline after rapid growth: over the month, the rate fell from 19.6 to 10 thousand dollars

“Bitcoin Today” From the publication danielwilson666
“When you give someone advice, but end with the phrase„ I really don’t know “in case it ruins someone’s life” Photo by buttockpain

February 2018 – a rebound of the course, new mockery of analysts and calls to buy bitcoins in the fall

“Bitcoin do not care!”. From the publication of user Tricky_Troll

This month in Bitcoin.

From the publication i_mash_shoryuken.

“Time to invest” From the publication of  singularityissonear
“1 hour here is like 7 years on Earth. Great, we can hold here (hodl is a slang term meaning investors who hold cryptocurrency regardless of the market situation, ) From the publication of the user old-man-blorp

The end of 2018 – acceptance and self-irony. Further Bitcoin Drop

“The one who did it deserves a medal” (the title of the video in the picture is “thousands of people havefucked hard at the same time”) From the publication jrs0080
“It was a good trip” From the post by drunkasshit


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“Financial advisor: do not overdo it in investments in cryptocurrency. I: Kawabanga! ”

The whole chronology of the fall of Bitcoin in one gif:

“- So you have my money? – The sage told me to invest your money in Bitcoin. I lost everything
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