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Alternative YouTube Rewind, in which everything that is forgotten in the official version is mentioned 

From the legalization of marijuana to PewDiePie and Fortnite.

In the frame, the discovery of the 50th prime number of Mersenne (“the new largest prime number”), the first female president in Ethiopia and the legalization of marijuana

The authors of TheRealAlysonStoner channel released their version of the 2018 results on YouTube. She appeared in response to the official Rewind, which became the most hated video in the history of video hosting.

In the seven-minute video TheRealAlysonStoner mentioned almost everything that specifically or accidentally ignored YouTube itself. Unlike the service team, video bloggers raised political and popular science topics, and also sang about the unpleasant results of the year – including attacks in schools, casualties among famous personalities and scandals (not without Elon Musk). In addition, they took the time to Logan Paul and PewDiePie, who did not make it to the official Rewind because of controversial jokes or commercials.

Alternative results are made in the format of the musical. The artists themselves mentioned many of the main hits of 2018, the list of which is indicated in the attached comments under their video. In official YouTube, Rewind almost never used popular songs.

Full video of alternative YouTube Rewind 2018

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