Samsung employee praises Galaxy A9 on Twitter using iPhone

A funny situation with the division of Samsung Mobile India, an employee of which praised on Twitter a wide-angle camera smartphone Galaxy A9. To send a message, he used the iPhone, to which the signature, which automatically appears in the mobile version of the Twitter application, was treacherously indicated.

A special drama of the situation adds that the share of Apple in India is considered meager, almost on the verge of error. The leaders here are Xiaomi, which occupies the first place, Samsung – in second place. However, it so happened that the person responsible for the Samsung Mobile India account on Twitter turned out to be an adherent of the “apple” technology.

The tweet was promptly removed, as it was impossible to correct what was done. As usually happens in such cases, someone still managed to take a screenshot, which quickly found its way to the Internet.

As noted by PhoneArena, previously, similar Sauer Samsung’s Saudi division, as well as the Nigerian (except for other Korean-made smartphones, were admitted) were admitted.

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