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Razer released a miner to mine a crypt with the help of gamers

The manufacturer of gaming peripherals Razer released the program Razer SoftMiner for mining cryptocurrency. It makes the gamer graphics card work for the good of Razer and its partners. In exchange for the video card, the user receives contingent loans, which can then be spent on the purchase of Razer products.

The so-called Razer Silver can be spent in the company’s online store: “This is not a cryptocurrency, it is a loyalty program, ” explains in the description of the program Razer.

However, in order to manage to profitably earn loyalty points earned, the user will have to mine for quite some time. For example, an Amazon gift card for a $ 12 Razer merchandise will require you to collect 17,000 Razer Silver. And this is 34 days of video card operation at full capacity, since the manufacturer of the miner claims that you can earn up to 500 Razer Silver in a day.

And this is one of the most affordable spending points earned. For example, the Huntsman Elite keyboard is rated by a company at 280,000 points. Resource Gizmodo has calculated that in order to purchase such a keyboard, the user will have to mine every day for a year and a half.

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